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Builders Accounting Software.
Monitor all site activities and financial details at the click of a button

Automatic Progress Claim Generation
Data Processing displays all relevant information on projects
User Friendly and full financial control of your business.

This Software to run your business for You.



Invoices Posting:

Processing of all financial data for each contract is maintained within its accounts module. When entering
invoices, it is not possible to carry out any double entries. This safeguard helps in maintaining accurate records.

Accounts Payable:

After the invoices have been posted to the relevant contracts, they become due for payment. Added security
with B.E.A.M.S. means it is not possible to over pay any supplier or in fact to pay a supplier or contractor more
than once. All financial reports are automatically updated during the invoice posting process providing detailed
transaction reports. These reports can be displayed in total format or as per contract format.

Annual Transactions

Progress Claims:

Progress claims are automatically displayed as they become due for issue. This ability allows the accounts
department to be aware of what should be occurring on site. The issue of progress claims is simply the click of
a button. Variations once confirmed have already updated the progress claim. To credit a progress claim again
it is just a click of a button.


Recording and making taxation payment is also very simple and the possibility of errors is very difficult.
The P.P.S. Taxation reports are automatically generated and are accepted by the Taxation Office. Simply print
off all retention records at the end of each financial year and send them off to the Taxation Department.

Financial Reports:

All the above transactions are continually changing the status of your company e.g. Credits and Debits.
The user at any time can obtain his current financial position. In addition he can obtain information on his future
position. B.E.A.M.S. will give the user a Cashflow projection. This can advise him of his expected expenditure and
expected income, giving a projected bank balance. B.E.A.M.S. will do this by the click of a button and not by the
input of the required information as in other software systems. All the company expenses can be entered and used
in the projections.


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