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Building Construction Scheduling Software
with detailed on-site schedules, budgets and purchasing.


Automatically Produce Purchase Orders.
Variations Automatically update Progress Claims.
Full Job Cost Report Options.

Keeping track of what is happening on site.


When your customer accepts your quotation you convert the Estimate details into a contract.
You keep the estimate data "locked" so that you can always use it for later analysis.


After the estimate price has been accepted, this job can be contracted. In doing so, a full construction schedule
is automatically generated providing details and dates of all building activity and scheduled progress claims.
The construction schedule can be updated at any time to allow for any possible delays on site.
The newly contracted job is also assigned with a full list of pre-determined suppliers. The call forward sheet
which is also automatically generated, lists not only the construction schedule, but also gives details of the
supplier or contractor for the job along with the required contact details.

Purchase Orders:

Because of the complete integration of the system, purchase orders are also automatically generated.
Safeguards within this aspect, mean it is not possible to over order, or to order an item more than once
without knowing.


Contract variations are also dealt with within the system and because of the sophistication of the software,
confirming variations automatically updates quantities, purchase orders and progress claims. To prepare a
variation the user simply selects the relevant category and enters the information. He is able to use the build
function to calculate the total cost to the client. The build function will actually add all the related items to
the variation. For example if the client selects a rangehood for the kitchen, the electrical and installation will
automatically be included. System security also means it is not possible to raise a variation for an item that
has already been ordered. When variations are prepared, they can be printed and sent to your client for approval.
Until these variations are confirmed it is also not possible to raise a purchase order. These safe guards make
the task of handling variations easy. Variations can be claimed at specific progress claims and itemised on
the claim or the builder may simply claim a percentage of all variations on each claim.

Site Diary:

Each contract is provided with a journal access, all site activities etc can be recorded and recalled at any time.
Any meetings or appointments can be entered with the appropriate date, and as the date approaches the entry
will be displayed just as you would open your diary and turn to the relevant date.

Diary Reports:

Reports can be printed on any selected contract displaying all entries made. Entries are listed in date order and
grouped by each category. Reports can also be printed on selected categories or by date. An example may be
to print a report showing all entries made for the category "Maintenance". This would provide details of all entries
made regarding maintenance on all contracts. Also the system automatically places a note in the diary of each
contract at the time maintenance would be required. This date is generated from the completion date of the contract.


This software runs the "day-to-day" scheduling of your business!


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