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Builder's Quantity Take-off's

Utilizing 3-D CAD Software Technology


Estimator CAD


From 3-D CAD model you get Plans, Images and exact Quantities - Volumes of concrete, areas of walls, tiled areas, and all Timber with cutting lists - Anything you draw...


From single line inputs a full 3-D intelligent CAD Model is created.

Never has Roof estimation been so easy :-

Just click on the corners of the building and a complete 3-D Roof is created with all the timber defined to exact lengths.
Any roof shape can be created with the special tools provided.

All the individual timber lengths are there as a cutting list for use in estimation, and ordering.
All Rafters, Ridges, Hips, Valleys, Beams, Barge boards, Fascias, UnderPurlins - everything.
Nothing is left to chance - everything you draw will be included down to the last nut and bolt.

Press the Annotate Timber button and a fully annotated roof plan is created.

Press the Estimate Output button and everything you have drawn is output for use in cost estimation
- areas of walls and ceilings, volumes of concrete, cut lengths of timber, etc.

Using your 3-D CAD Model :-

"Walk-through" the 3-D CAD model, "click" where you want to stand - "click" where you want to look to
and displayed will be what you should see as a rendered image or with hidden lines removed.
Export your model in DXF format to transfer to other CAD systems.
Even produce a Virtual Reality file to send to someone via the Internet.

Working Drawings :-

From this model you then produce all the required working drawings - plans, elevations,
details and sections are easily created by "slicing" through the model.

Download Estimator CAD Demonstration - "Click" on disk symbol. -> 'Click' here to download Estimator CAD demonstration - (1.4Mb)(1.4Mb)

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