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  -- WELCOME to our Builders Estimation Software web page -- Please brouse this page and follow the links to associated information and demonstrations of this software.--


Builders Estimation Software
with accurate cost estimates and automatic quotes.

Produce Quick Estimates from Powerful System Prescriptions.
Automatically Produce Estimate Details, Specification and Quotations.
Update Old Estimates at any time Automatically from current price file.
You adjust how you want this software to work for you.

A flexible and powerful estimating tool for Builders.



Estimation Main Menu


Accurate quantity take-off's created from Estimator CAD provide cutting list details for all timber.

Cutting List details from Estimator CAD



Estimating can be carried out in 3 separate modes. Estimates can be copied from existing estimates and edited
to suit the new job. Estimates can be entered and calculated manually allowing the user to be in total control of the
final result. Estimates can be prepared using prescriptions, this option allows the user to calculate complete
estimates in a very short period of time.

Estimate Cost detailed report


Estimating can include forecasted prices of materials, this provides the user with the cost of the job allowing for
increases in the cost of labour or material. When estimating the user is prompted of any omitted items within the job.
Updated records can automatically update related records, eg if the required number of bricks for a job needs to be
updated from 100 to 1200, the related records being bricklayer, cement, sand, cartage etc can automatically be
updated to reflect the change.

Estimate Editing the quantity of any item


An estimate can be repriced automatically with any other pre-determined specification. This feature provides the
user with the instant abilities to provide pricing option for his client. Specification could mean the deduction of
skirtings, the inclusion of wall paint, a change in door furniture etc etc etc all at the click of a button.


Quotes to your client are printed within the system, automatically listing any "Provisional Sum & Prime Cost"
items within the estimate. The user may select from the estimated cost or the forecasted cost. All provisional
sums and prime cost items clearly display the included margins on all selected items. This allows the client to
see how much for each item he is allowed to expend.


Win more, better quality business, because your quote and associated information will be more professional.


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