Fashion CAD software for pattern making for small commercial or home business with pattern design, drafting, grading, marker layout and a fully featured CAD drafting system. Everything for apparel pattern making with fashion cad software. You create standard patterns either by photographing or scanning existing patterns and on-screen insertion of pattern lines and curves on top of the digital image pixels, or by modifying one of the standard blocks supplied with fashion cad. You get grading of patterns to specific sizes or made to measure sizes from your standard pattern design. Detailing and drafting of patterns with seams, text, notches, etc is done using the standards cad drafting tools. The final patterns can be combined in a marker layout for plotting on a wide plotter, or individual patterns tiled to your desktop printer in page sized pieces or output to an hpgl file for emailing to an external printing service. fashion cad provides all the tools for pattern making with you as the craftsman.FashionCAD

Pattern Design module.

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Your own unique ideas become a reality with subtle curve shapes with no rigid "computer constraints". ---How you start your design is up to you.....

You can start from a standard block and insert your own free hand design interactively on the screen. This provides the flexibility to include your own design flair knowing that it will conform to standard body measurements.

Or you can input your existing patterns by digitizing (this can be correctly scaled or can be any convenient size) then by adding just a few basic measurements FashionCAD will automatically scale it for you - or grade to any other size.

Or you can scan patterns from an original source (Or use a high resolution digital camera and photograph your pattern) and use the resulting image as an underlay to insert your real lines and curves over the top of the image pixel "lines" on the screen. Insert the FashionCAD "control points" at the end of your "key" lines/curves. Then using the grading module you insert your required measurements and your pattern design will become the size that you want.

You determine your design shape - just like doing it by hand - BUT you can then utilise the full power of FashionCAD for the following phases of your pattern making process.

Download the audio visual "movie" of a live pattern design session. ( Please remember that these only show processes on a simple pattern piece which is to achieve reasonable file sizes and hence to keep the download time as short as possible.)

Demonstration - audio-visual movie files

The '95/'98 audio visual demonstrations are created with Lotus ScreenCam & are self contained. The demo movies for "other" Windows are created to run using Windows Media Player or QuickTime.

 Download Instructions :-

1. Click on download "disk" and save the file to your download directory on your hard disk.
- The demo files are compressed into self extracting executables to minimise download time.

2. Use Windows explorer to locate the downloaded file and "double-click" on it to 'uncompress' the demonstration file contained within the download. Select 'OK', then 'UNZIP' and then when the file is extracted select 'CLOSE' .

3. Use Windows explorer to go to directory C:\FASHIONCAD\FCADDEMO then "Double-click" on the uncompressed demonstration file to run the audio visual demo. - Remember to turn on your speakers and increase the volume until you can hear the commentary - again to minimise file sizes and hence to keep the download time as short as possible the audio quality has been 'optimised' for small file size.

Pattern Design Demonstration.
Click on the correct 'rotating' disk to download the appropriate version for your PC's software.
(Demonstration files certified by Cad Cam Solutions Australia Pty. Ltd. as safe to download)

Windows '95 or '98.


Windows NT, Me, 2000, XP.


If your version of Windows Media Player has any difficulties running the demo movies then click on the image on the right to get a free evaluation copy of QuickTime.

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