Fashion CAD pattern making software for commercial or home business with pattern design, drafting, grading, marker layout and a fully featured CAD drafting system. Everything for apparel pattern making with fashion cad software. You create standard patterns either by photographing or scanning existing patterns and on-screen insertion of pattern lines and curves on top of the digital image pixels, or by modifying one of the standard blocks supplied with fashion cad. You can grade patterns to specific sizes or made to measure sizes in seconds, from your standard pattern design. Detailing and drafting of patterns with seams, text, notches, etc is done using the standards cad drafting tools. The final patterns can be combined in a marker layout for plotting on a wide plotter, or individual patterns tiled to your desktop printer in page sized pieces or output to an hpgl file for emailing to an external printing service. Fashion cad provides all the tools for pattern making with you as the craftsman..Fashion CAD - Software

Pattern making for garment manufacture.
(including pattern design, grading, detailing, marker layout and CAD drafting.)

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Fashion CAD is a practical and affordable pattern making software system.

Fashion CAD is an innovative approach to pattern making provided in an integrated suite of software which includes Pattern Design, Grading, Detailing, Marker Layout and a fully featured CAD drafting system . It is quick, powerful and accurate - yet provides the flexibility to match your unique requirements at an affordable price - all in one software package.

Fashion CAD
  • Flexible - Fully featured CAD tools to enable you to create/modify patterns to match your unique requirements. It works well for all pattern making needs - from lingerie to swim wear, sports, casual, uniforms, formal, bridal, tailored, even baby clothes, dolls, bags and furniture.
  • Innovative - The approach to grading that Fashion CAD has taken is to "re-think" in computer terms the way, and why grading is done. For a complex curve for example you enter a measurement distance between it's end points and Fashion CAD , working by direction, distance and shape, will grade it to the correct size with the same shape - you do not need to work out what happens at each point on the curve.
  • Fast - You can grade an individual size or a complete range of sizes in seconds. .
  • Accurate - Created sizes will fit to your measurements - as in made-to-measure garments. Adjacent pattern edges will match lengths so there will be no puckering when making up and the finished garment will look more professional.
  • Practical - Work in imperial or metric on a standard PC computer running any MicroSoft Windows software ('95 to XP) or Powermac G4/G5 with VirtualPC - see FAQ page.
  • Affordable - All you need is Fashion CAD, a PC, a digital camera and a printer/plotter - ideal for home based or commercial business.

"The ability to customize my patterns to suit each client, and not just use a standard pattern for them,
is crucial for my industry and has given me the competitive edge I need. " - just one of the comments on USERS page..

How does Fashion CAD work ?

How to use a digital camera or scanner ?

Click Here for details.  

If you understand the requirements of making up in different fabrics,

and - know the fundamentals of pattern making, 

and - are frustrated with doing it manually.

Then - you will love Fashion CAD.

Ease of use :

When you purchase Fashion CAD you get a series of tutorials originally developed in conjunction with The School Of  The Future - a centre for teachers to learn how to use the technology that they later need to teach to their pupils. These original tutorials have been added to and extended and are supplied in the FashionCAD_Basics document which provides over 20 tutorial exercises starting with simple 1 minute tasks to a more complex 25 minute assignment. Most have a "fun" component to maintain interest. Following this is the FashionCAD_Tutorial document, which goes through a complete pattern design, grading, detailing and layout process.     If you can use a PC and will complete all the tutorials diligently then the combination of these two documents will provide the basis for you to become proficient in the use of Fashion CAD. .  
FashionCAD is a productivity "tool" to use - with you as the craftsman.

Installation, Training and Support :

We want you to become successful with your use of
FashionCAD and thus provide a 90 day no charge e-mail support to new users to help you learn how to use Fashion CAD productively.
After this time we offer a maintenance/support club for continued updates and email support.

Thank you for your interest in Fashion CAD.

Visit our other pages for more detailed information and if you haven't already done so we suggest that you download the Audio Visual demonstrations to get a better understanding of how
Fashion CAD works :-
( Please remember that these only show processes on a simple pattern piece which is to achieve reasonable file sizes and hence minimise the download time.)

We try and provide sufficient information to answer all of your questions. (even the one's you may not have thought of yet !?) . We hope that this will enable you to understand what it can - and cannot do. If you have reviewed all the available information and would like to ask specific questions then please ask us by clicking the letter below. In this way any decision made related to purchase is based on extensive information on
Fashion CAD and the way we do business.

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